Haaland has no regrets for his noble rights and is proud to serve Norway.

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Erling Braut Haaland, Manchester City striker opens his heart. That he does not regret missing out on the opportunity to play in the 2022 FIFA football World Cup on behalf of the England national team. According to his birthright. Because I grew up in Norway Both are proud to wear uniforms to serve the Viking team.

Erling was born in Leeds. United Kingdom While his father Alfie Haaland was playing football, he lived in England for almost four years and then moved the census to Bern, Norway. Gradually cultivating his footsteps until he became the world’s number one spear UFABET

Which, when ‘ Gold Dot Com ‘ asked, did the 22 – year-old star miss the opportunity ? Haaland is plainly proud of being a Norwegian. will carry his country to the World Cup final under this flag  

“ I lived in England for about three and a half to four years. Then living in Norway for a long time – it made sense for me to choose to play for Norway, ” said the Premier League striker .  

“ But you never know what will happen. If my father played in England longer than that or whatever Maybe I’ll serve the England team. I’m not sure either. ” 

“ The thing is, of course, that I’m Norwegian. and be proud. ” 

The 2026 FIFA World Cup , co-hosted by the United States , Canada and Mexico , will be the first time that 48  nations will play on horseshoes , giving Norway’s Haaland a chance .