Interpret between the lines! Erik ten Hag opposes Carnacho to the World Cup.

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has said he would like to see young winger Alejandro Carnacho take some time to develop. Don’t be premature. Especially the Argentina national team candidate. The FIFA World Cup 2022 set. If you want, you want the kid to wait.

Carnacho was born in Spain, but used his ancestral rights to kick back his roots in Latin lands. Have had the opportunity to play four games in the U -20 series. The overall picture passed until the media ” Blue – White ” supported head coach Lionel Scaloni, holding the 18 -year -old footballer as one of the 26 warlords in Qatar UFABET

However , ‘ ETH ‘ is afraid that the child will get angry because it sounds fast. Then it may be extinguished as quickly as other Manchester United pots, so I want Alejandro to use patience to cultivate his pace longer. Wait until the next 2026 to the United States , Canada and Mexico . Still catch up.  

Ten Hag said

“ Is he deserving of being in the Argentina national team for the 2022 FIFA World Cup ? This is difficult to say, ” Ten Hag said after the Carabao Cup third round game. That defeated Aston Villa 4-2 in the style of Carnacho coming down to reserve two assists.  

“ I don’t know all the Argentine players, I do n’t know .

“ It’s true that you might be familiar with many players from Argentina. But is he really good enough to be a 26 general ? Complete qualifications, right ? – And another thing is that it’s a big step when you go to kick the World Cup, an army that is rich in talent from all over the world together .

“ This is a big step – not sure if it’s the right step for him. I think Carnacho should keep his head clear , stay calm , train hard and improve. Get it right, like a game – to – game . ”  

“ The child will become the future of our club, depending on how he acts as well. ” 

“ Especially about the attitude. When you go out there, it’s a good work attitude – if possible , it’s possible to take on the role of a pillar of the team in the future. ” 

“ If you’re determined to train every day, every meal , behave properly in your daily life. It is possible for a new hope. ” 

Carnacho and the 2022 World Cup are still young , but Leesandro ‘ the butcher ‘ Martínez, a strong defender, bears about going to Qatar.