Martinelli retorted the old men with their feet in their mouths.

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Arsenal striker Gabriel Martinelli has hit back at comments from home-town analyst Neto. Who accuse him of being unfit for the FIFA World Cup. May 2022 by telling them to keep an eye on a good tournament. Be careful that you have to bend down to the ground to swallow your own saliva.

Former 16 -cap Brazil forward Neto has accused head coach Titi of his decision to make fun of players. Who sell international football to look at the outstanding striker Gabigol on stage at the Copa Libe . Artadores gave Flamengo and also sneered at Martinelli for being very unnamed UFABET

That made the 21-year-old star kick out to respond that the comments from the old skulls were not constructive. Still acting ashamed of the FIFA World Cup trend for yourself to get a job  

” I think that kind of criticism is normal. ” he told ESPN Brazil .

“ Because there are quite a few Brazilians who don’t know me. Naturally, he would say that other players were better suited to the flag in your opinion – but I was calm on location , just a passing glance. ” 

“ That’s because I know how I do my job, the name of the club , I know my own abilities. And know what can be done for the team ” 

“ Of course you can see that I will do my best for Brazil. Either way can help the team. ”

“ It must have been a wonderful experience of its own. ” 

Martinelli’s success for the Brazilian national team was fresh last summer, joining the Tokyo Olympics 2020 gold medal for the U- 24 team.