The media revealed that Cadiz players flouted Vinicius at half-time.

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Real Madrid’s Brazilian forward Vinicius Junior has been the target of criticism from the Cadiz players for his ill-mannered attitude toward opponents football.

El Chiringuito correspondent Arancha Rodriguez revealed on Friday that 22-year-old forward Vinicius Jr is still being targeted and ridiculed. Of opposing players After being insulted by 3 Cadiz players during a game. That Real Madrid squeezed to win with a score of 2-1 on Thursday

Reports claim that three Cadiz players called out to Vinicius after the first half of the game. ‘Who do you think you are? Pele or what?’ 

It was another tumultuous night for Vinicius, who were especially watched by the opposition. But he was not targeted by rival players as White boss Carlo Ancelotti expressed concern. And urged referees to increase their protection earlier UFABET

Cadiz winger Ivan Alejo is the only away player to foul Vinicius three times. And the Real Madrid forward has been fouled only six times in total times during the first 60 minutes of the game.

Cadiz defender Fali Jimenez said after an emotional clash with Vinicius. Who defended Rodrygo Goes after he saw his teammates being elbowed by the visiting defender wear. 

said Faly. So I quickly apologized.’

‘I gave him a little challenge. But it didn’t hurt Rodrigo.’

‘There were victims on the pitch, Vinicius told us we were a second-tier club. in football We talk about many things. But there is a boundary that cannot be crossed.’

Faly also praised Rodrigo for being a good boy. But he didn’t have the same feelings as Vinicius in the slightest.

‘As I said about Rodrigo, he’s a good boy. I’m not going to say anything about Vinicius,’ Faly explains further. ‘I don’t want to say more, a club like Real Madrid has to control some of his attitude. We have to respect each other a little more because we are all professionals.’