What is Baccarat game?

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Baccarat game is a very old card game, like the old one, like the Wild West Old. It originated in Italy. But it was popular in France in the 1400s after it was taken by a storm in Europe. But it still has an international appeal and the rest is history.

Baccarat’s popularity cannot be confirm as it has been around for over 600 years. Far more than any casino in the world. It is a favorite among casual casino enthusiasts and serious gamers alike. Let’s explore the charm and power of the game that is Baccarat UFABET 


  • Action – A general gambling term for the total amount wagered by a player throughout the game.
  • Baccarat – This means zero in Italian and is the worst hand you can get in the game.
  • Banco / The Bank – Player with shoes and dealing cards.
  • Banker Bet – One of three possible bets you can choose at Baccarat.
  • Caller – A member of the casino staff responsible for the cards on the baccarat table.
  • Dealer – An employee responsible for drawing cards. Baccarat, depending on the style you choose, the players may take turns acting as the dealer.
  • La Petite – Translated into English, La Petite means The Little One. This is a total of eight natural baccarat.
  • Natural – When two cards are dealt you get a total of eight or nine cards.
  • Player – This is one of the three bets available in baccarat. Shoe – If you play baccarat online, the shoe is displayed on the table and the cards are dealt from it.
  • Standoff – When both the player and the bank always join.
  • Tie – One of three possible bets. If the hand is exhausted, the player and the dealer will get their bet back.

We are sure that you will find additional terms. That are quite specific to the type or style of baccarat you are playing. For now we will stick to the common terms that apply to the simple game of baccarat.