How to clean contact lens safely in 4 steps?

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Contact lens cleaning should be done before and after wearing them to help remove dirt and germs. That can build up in the lens and cause inflammation or infection disease in the eye. The correct way to clean is as follows.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry with a lint-free towel. But should avoid soap that contains perfume or moisturizer.  Because it may be contaminated when coming into contact with lenses.UFABET 

2. Open the lid of the case. Then use the fingertips to touch the contact lens up and place it on the palm in the middle of the palm. Should start on the same side first every time. to prevent contact lens switching.

3. Drop the solution into the contact lens in moderation. Use your forefinger to rub in a straight direction like a plus sign, rub gently for about 20–30 seconds. Then turn the lens over and rub it as before.

4. After rubbing is complete Add another drop of solution to rinse the lenses for the last time. Then put in or keep them in the box as they were before. But in the case of opening for the first time. After rinsing, contact lenses must be left in solution for 4–6 hours to remove protein deposits before use.

The contact lens case should be cleaned and replaced with a new solution daily to prevent the accumulation of germs. It must only be washed with solution or boiling water and left to air dry. cannot be washed with other detergents. Including case should be replaced every 3 months or immediately when the box is damaged.